PonyU - Reinvent your Deliveries

Optimize the time you travel and start to earn money

Innovate Simply

The most important features are on your smartphone


PonyU takes advantage of localization to optimize the entire shipment, from pick-up to delivery, so it can offer a fast, eco-friendly and cheap service.


Our community of Ponies are reviewed and verified in order to guarantee a secure and trusted service.


PonyU is available on both desktop and smartphone. We want to make your life easier, both inside and outside of the office

Reserved Area

Each user has his personal reserved area where he can keep track of expenses and earnings. Into the reserved area are also shown reports and detailed analytics of all activities.


Thanks to continuous feedback, PonyU keeps the focus on the improvement and optimization of the service quality.


It’s easy: place an order for a delivery; hand over your package to one of our Ponyies and the work are done. We keep you informed about the successful delivery.

Shipping has never been so easy

We innovate to make life easier. Thanks to PonyU, from now on, logistics become faster and cheaper. Moreover, our services include exclusive benefits:

  • All deliveries are secure and insured
  • You can track your packages always in all delivery phases
  • The entire documentation is always available on your reserved area
  • Pay easily online: per delivery or charge your account

Become a Pony and start earning money right now

Become a Pony by signing up and completing the accreditation procedure, give your availability and choose the deliveries more advantageous for you, the ones that are closest to you or the ones along your home/work route. Optimize the time you spend commuting, earning money as a Pony.

You are in charge of managing your commitment as a Pony, by accepting the notification we send you. Take charge of the delivery, pick up the package and bring it to its destination. The payment is immediately visible on your account. With PonyU you can earn up to €30 in one single hour!

What makes us special

PonyU Reinvents your Deliveries

Real-time Tracking

Packages are constantly geolocalized, so you always know where they are. Just check your profile with the delivery’s track-code.


PonyU’s algorithm automatically selects the closest Pony to pick-up point, in order to make each shipment faster. We optimize kilometers traveled for each delivery, this is a benefit for both customers and the environment.

Direct contact

Through PonyU you can communicate directly with the Pony, so you can manage autonomously any problem by speaking directly to the person who is carrying your package to its destination. In any way, you can always count on PonyU dedicated customer care, which is always at your disposal.

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