PonyU, since its inception in 2015, provides for a minimum hourly wage, a voluntary choice not provided for by law, a responsible choice to give value to every single minute, PonyU has never paid for the work performance by the piece rate; PonyU provides accident insurance and a liability insurance that stipulates and pays on behalf of its collaborators, also a voluntary choice not a legal obligation. \ n \ nPonyU is not part of Assodelivery and the only relationship it has with the world of food delivery is through the order with JustEat. \ n \ nPonyU already back in 2015 had the opportunity to present its point of view, invited by the Hon. Ivan Catalano, former Vice-President and member of the IX Transport Commission, to collaborate in the implementation of a regulation that would definitively regulate the innovation that the world of the gig economy brings with it, which is not just deliveries but also dogsitting, cleaning, babysitting , removals, design, planning, car washing and a thousand other services. \ n \ nOn that occasion we were able to bring our point of view, here is an excerpt from the intervention: \ “today there is too much confusion, doing business in these conditions is too complex it is necessary for the legislator to deal with it with urgency, providing the right protection measures for an audience of workers who only today find an opportunity to emerge from the black or from the submerged of prohibitive conditions, but more must be done, taking into account the new model of engagement made possible by technology. \ “\ n \ nIt was four years ago. We could have paid by the piece and we never did it, we never had a reputational ranking, we organized ourselves by rolling up our sleeves as a passive part of a model that provides autonomy, all in compliance with Italian law, making choices that decreased revenues but made a new, innovative operating model is valid and correct. \ n \ nThe story of young people from the South who build a valuable company from an idea, making choices as opposed to purely opportunistic models, where 50% of the hired workforce is made up of former ponies, without a debt to the taxman, investing in long-term value in a complex territory such as the Neapolitan one; this story today was not interesting to tell, it would not make news.

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