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The software and operational solution conceived and created by PonyU allows you to manage last mile logistics in an innovative way, significantly raising the level of automation, thus impacting on fixed costs and on the profitability of a business very complex.

PonyU identifies and tracks the most appropriate delivery areas around the points of sale (POS) or collection points, studying the routes which are also optimized according to the means of transport chosen from those available in the fleet.
The PonyU logistics service is able to respond in real time to the growth in volumes by redesigning the shipping processes, from placing the order through to delivery to the end customer.

Among the top 5 reasons for abandoning a site that sells online is the impossibility of choosing delivery times. Allow your customers to receive the product after only 1 hour from the purchase from your E-commerce.

For 7 out of 10 buyers, the possibility of returning the purchased product is decisive for the online purchase. PonyU allows immediate return, customers receive the shoe purchased in the right size within 2 hours!

65% of people who shop online do so in the evening, after daily commitments and after work. Allow the customers of your e-commerce to receive the purchased product even in the late evening.

The right means of transport for each product

The fleet at PonyU's service is vast, each product has its proper means of transport.

  • Transport in accordance with ATP regulations
  • Transport temperature controlled and traceable
  • Possibility to brand the fleet