A virtuous reality

In the confused world of delivery, PonyU excels for guarantees and respect for work

Different, by choise

PonyU is the story of some young from the south, who in 2015 build a company of value from an idea, making choices that oppose each other purely opportunistic models: 50% of the hired workforce is made up of former Pony , the company has no debt with the tax authorities, invests in value in the long term in a complex territory such as the Neapolitan one.

Respect and guarantees

PonyU , right from the start, provides for a minimum hourly wage , a voluntary choice not foreseen by law, a responsible choice that wants to give value to every single minute of the worker. PonyU has never paid piecework for the work performance, nor has ever used a reputation ranking .


Work protected

PonyU provides accident insurance and an RCT which stipulates and pays on behalf of its collaborators, even this is a voluntary choice and not a legal obligation.


Not just food

PonyU is not part of Assodelivery, despite a consolidated experience with important brands in the food sector, its logistics find transversal solutions, from fashion to pharma, from tech to grocery.

A real commitment

Already in 2015, invited by the Hon. Ivan Catalano – at the time Vice-President and member of the IX Transport Commission – had the opportunity to present his point of view , collaborating in the creation of a standard that would regulate the innovation that brings with it the world of the gig economy . A world that is not just deliveries but also dogsitting, cleaning, babysitting, moving, design, planning, car washing and many other services.

“Today there is too much confusion, doing business in these conditions is too complex, it is necessary for the legislator to deal with it urgently, providing the right protection measures for an audience of workers who only today find an opportunity to emerge from the black or from the submerged of prohibitive conditions “

Four years of right choices. Four years may seem like a short time, especially if you choose to put vision over profit. But we preferred to look beyond and implement a responsible business model to protect workers. Today the most conscientious choice also turns out to be winning . The constant growth is proof of this.